Web Design

Web Design

Custom designs for your Business

Each individual is distinctive, as is each organisation. So, does it not make sense to have a bespoke website, instead of an off the peg design. We can do you a website from a template and create whatever you like. Don’t you deserve your own unique space on the Web?

Here at Bomb Blast Media, we specialize in minimalistic designs. Which are easy to navigate, fast to load and beautiful to look at. We use WordPress to create a fully responsive site. So, contact us for a quote and see what we can do for you.

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Some of my Work

Pheonix Eco Plumbing Web site

Phoenix Eco Plumbing.

This was designed and built by us. The brief was for a mobile friendly, easy to use site. We tried to purvey a warm and cosy feel. With warm colours and striking imagery. This client didn’t need to make regular updates to this site; thus, this unique site fitted their needs.

Black snow canoe outfitting.

This WordPress site was a redesign of a unique site we built for this company. They wanted to be able to update and have more control over their site, so a WordPress site was ideal for them. We used the Free Virtue Theme for this project. This business also had a logo redesigned by us, to look at this click here.

Black Snow Canoe Outfitters Website
escape to adventure site

Escape to Adventure.

This company came to me wanting a redesign from a previous WordPress site. Which was no longer maintained. This was my first WordPress site and I learned a lot on this build. They wanted an easy to use website, that clients could book on courses and pay for deposits.

This I found to be a challenging but fun project.

Floating Ropes

Our latest customer. And our largest project so far. Again, Made with the Virtue WordPress theme. They needed a more advanced calendar booking system for the many courses that they ran. This project is still ongoing and developing. We Also designed their logo, click here to have a closer look.

floating ropes site

How we go ahead with your project.

After contacting us. We will email you a design brief. The more information you can put on this the better. This will reduce the research period and assist in getting the design process off to a flying start. We will be in touch with you on a regular basis, to make certain that the project is on the right track. Once all the ideas have been assembled. Such as your colour scheme and focus of the site. We now continue to the site structure. For example, what pages you want and in what sequence. We then wireframe your website. To set out where your content will go on the page. Talking of content, the sooner you can get any text or images you want on your site to us, the better. Make certain, you may use the material you send us, and the assets have no copy write issues.

After the framework has been agreed to, we move on to a full-colour mock-up. Which you must approve before the next step of the process can proceed.

The next step is developing the site. Regular contact will still be maintained over this period. As minor design tweaks can yet be made.

Finally, the site is launched for the world to see. For this to happen, you have to have your own hosting and Domain name set up. We can help you set this up if you prefer.