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The process of creating a new logo for Summit Rocks.

In the beginning.

Summit Rocks, a new outdoor company selling adventures activities to schools, needed a logo. Now this saga started well over a year ago, but I have learnt so much in that time, I must thank Iain from Summit Rocks, for his patients and faith in me.

Round one, the first ideas.

The brief, something simple, with mountains and children. Or something like that, to be honest, it’s so long ago that I can’t remember the exact brief, but my first designs involved both of these so it must have been something like that.
Well this is what I came up with.  

Summit rocks logo, idea one.
surprisingly this was very like the final logo that I designed, but I had to go through a lot of other ideas first.

The curse of the redesign.

So what followed was great learning process for me and probably a source of frustration for my client as my designs got more  complicated and probably further away from the brief.
summit 2Brock 2Blogo 2Bidea5 2Bcopy
summit rock 5 purple
summit rock 6
summit 2Brocks 2B11 2Bgreen 2Bn 2Bgrey 2Bfigures 2Btidy
The last design on here nearly made it to being approved, But not quite. We then took quite a long brake from the design process and we came back to it, I decided to call round on the client and get what they really wanted there and then, before this all correspondence had been by computer. This seemed to work. As the first design that I did after the meeting got approved. 

Lessons I’ve learned.

  1. Stick to the brief. My imagination started to wander a little left field.
  2. Keep on learning. All through this time I was developing new techniques, learning about different theories and getting more familiar with the software I was using.
  3. Communication is key. Actually meeting the client face to face and discussing our combined ideas and knowledge made a big difference.
  4. Use Mobile Tech. I used Adobe Draw and Adobe Comp in my final design, this made it easy to get a design down when inspiration hits, which it did whilst watching TV.
  5. Don’t give up. I wasn’t going to until the client told me to “bugger off, your crap”, as I knew that every rejected design I was learning something new. Luckily the client was patient with me and thing finally came good.

So here it is the final design. 

Asset 2B5