Soca canoe video. Another Go Pro Test.

I got to use the Go Pro for real this time, whilst I was out in Slovenia Canoeing, As you may be able to see from some of my footage in the middle of the video, I do have some fogging issues, where as my friends Go Pro at the end of the Video is fine, again the only difference is that I had mine set to Protune. The resolution set on the Go Pro was 1080, but I cropped it to 720 to match my other camera. The Camera at the end was set to 120fps at 720, to give smoother slow motion. The camera at the end was also mounted on a home made mount, that we named wobble cam, but it actually worked really well. This was made by the excellent paddler in the Shots, Jan Krause. Well we had an excellent time, now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the video.