New Web Design

In my last post I said that I was working on a couple of new websites, A few weeks back I finished the first one that I was working on, for a company called Black Snow Saddles. They make and sell outfitting for whitewater canoes. I also had the pleasure of working on their Logo for them too. The brief was that they wanted something simple but striking, So I went for a black,white and grey theme. On both the logo and the website. Here is the logo I came up with.

Black Snow Saddles Logo

This fits well on the website, but also on other promotional merchandise here it is used on a T-Shirt.
Black Snow Saddles T-Shirt, Logo by Bomb Blast Media
The website itself was the first time I had tried to do a responsive design, so it took me a little longer than usual. But I was very pleased with the results. This is what the design looks like on different devices.
Black Snow Saddles responsive website by Bomb Blast Media
If you want to check out the company here’s a link to their website.