New Venture

Well here we have it, my first Blog entry. In a brand new chapter of my life, hopefully. I’ve got a lot to learn and I am sure I am going to make many mistakes and they will all be documented in this blog.

I decided a year a ago that I would attempt to change my hobby into something I can make a little bit of money out of and it has taken me till now to actually decide to do it. The idea was to provide cheap promotional media for bands and extreme sports companies. The reason for concentrating on these two are through familiarity. I’ve been in bands for 25 yrs and working in adventure sports for the last 13 yrs. They both have one thing in common, the people involved usually don’t have a lot of money, hence providing them with a cheap service to self promote.

I’m not providing a service that provides a promise to get thousands of likes on Facebook, because we all know that’s a load of crap. I’m offering a service that will improve the look of your online presence. Through    enhancing and optimizing your photo’s, making your video’s look better and maybe even doing a little bit of graphic design and 3D work.

Well lets see where the journey takes me.