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MG Music

All the Albums below can be bought from Bandcamp, just click the buy button. If you would like to use any of the tracks without vocals for a video, then please contact us, as we do have instrumental versions. For all your other musical needs look at Glenn Boddice Audio at the bottom of the page and I’m sure he will be able to help you out.

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Welcome to our first album, which was brought together from about 2 years work and a couple of remixes. It was written in a very dark period in Both mine and Glenn’s personal life and we think this shows through on this eclectic album. We still had a lot to learn, but this album certainly has a raw charm.

The cover was design by me and it came from a dream I had when I was a kid. I like to think I still have a very vivid imagination.

Hard Drive

The second Album is basically a mini album made up of tracks that were just hanging about on Glenn’s hard drive, hence the name. However, with a bit of MG magic the tracks were mixed and out came a respectable album.

 The artwork has some spooky stuff going on, if you look closely you may be able to see faces in the disc. This was from a photo taken on a psychic investigation by Glenn.

From the Sublime to The Ridiculous

The Third Album Shows a definite progression in our style and I think that Glenn’s production really stands out on this very varied album.

 If you look at the jacket on the artwork, you may see that I’ve turned into a bit of a profit. This was pre-Brexit and President Trump. Spooky ah. We have certainly gone from the sublime to the ridicules.

The Remixes

This album does what it says on the tin. It is a remix of some of our favourite tracks, off our other albums. However, these are not just re hashed tunes, each track seems to have a whole new identity, something totally different from the original. Take a listen, we think you will be surprised.

The Artwork was Glenn’s idea. Maybe to signify us putting a darker tone over our original mixes.

Truth Box

Our darkest album to date. It has a bit of everything, cutting lyrics and soulful melodies. This albums is a little slower than our others, but it still has it’s moments of banging rhythms. A collection of songs that are about the state of the world today.

The album cover art was inspired by fake news and media driven politics. Reflecting the dark mood of the songs.

Human Cannonball

So, things have got even stranger over in the MG world. With our latest release. All about the strange times we are living in. The tunes and the art work reflect the damage that the human race has done to the planet and every living thing on it, including ourselves.

The artwork took me longer than usual. As I had to learn to use Blender to create the 3D elements of the album cover, which were the Helmet and Glenn’s head. Then composited in Affinity Photo. The concept behind the art is that the human race, tends to fire itself at any environment it goes into and destroy it, like a human cannonball. Well it makes sense in my head.

Glenn Boddice Audio

Welcome to Glenn Boddice Audio, we are an online music production recording studio, offering a wide range of bespoke services to suit all your audio requirements.

We pride ourselves on our enthusiasm to produce an eclectic body of work that incorporates energy, emotion and innovation into every production, whilst retaining authenticity and excellence that has become the (Glenn Boddice Audio) signature sound, adding value to your project at a competitive cost effective price is our primary goal.

Friendly and reliable service. Creative solutions for adding value to your project’s quick turnaround and flexibility to suit your needs Professional and affordable products to suit your budget.

We produce in a variety of musical styles and can compose, produce, remix and master productions for all your musical requirements.

Contact us…. we are happy to discuss with you the details of your audio project and turn your dream into reality….