Master Charger at the Diamond.

J.H.P the singer and Guitar player in Master Charger rang me and asked me if I wanted to take some photo’s of them at the Diamond Club, Sutton in Ashfield. Well, this is a local club to me and one I have not been in for about 20 yrs. So it was a trip down memory lane. The place had certainly changed, it now had a food bar and you didn’t stick to the floor, apparently some of the greats had played there, put now they just put on tribute bands (probably why I had not been there for 20 yrs, can’t stand tribute bands) and tonight was no exception, Master Charger was supporting a Guns n Roses tribute, we didn’t stick around to see what they were like, so I can’t comment on how good they were. However the venue turned out to be an excellent place for taking photo’s, with a proper stage and lighting and the band were pleased withe the shots I got. So here they are.

Here’s the link to the Web site for The Diamond Club
and Master Charger’s Facebook page

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