Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Custom designs for your Business

From a logo to complete Branding. We have experience of designing for all kinds of promotional media. For each project, we will research and create a design. With your feedback at every level of the process. So, you come out with the design that will represent your company.

Our Graphic designs

Summit Rocks Logo

The brief was to create something simple, with mountains or hills. The company provides team building and adventures activities to schools, so the logo had to have a corporate feel to it to attract the teaching staff. That would be looking for these activities. Blue and green where used in the logo because from research, a lot of the target market were using these colours in their websites and they also represented the sky and hills. A Serif font was used as it seemed more formal and professional. The mountain itself also has what looks like a path in the negative space as the company aims to help children on a journey to becoming better adults through working together, trusting others and gaining self-confidence.

Black Snow Canoe Outfitters Logo

This was a redesign of a logo I had done for Black Snow saddles. With renaming the business, they also wanted a re-brand. We kept the monochrome pallet, the relaxed font and snowflake. Which went well with their business ethos. We added a the Union Jack, as they wanted the made in Britain branding and the circular shape fits onto a sticker. This proved a difficult project with the use of a lot of masks.

Armada Canoe Coaching Logo

This was one of the first projects that I used Milanote to collaborate with the client. This worked very well, being able to share ideas on the fly, made the process very fluid. This is the symbol that I came up with, without the text. The Client came up with the idea of basing the general concept around canoes and the google drive symbol. The shape of the canoes also creates a sale shape in the negative space, which ties in with the idea of an armada. This is the most detailed logo that we have done. As the client wanted the canoes to look like canoes and not abstract shapes.

Move & Improve Logo

Most of our clients are from the UK, but Move & Improve are from Belgium, Our first overseas client. Again, we used Milanote for the long process of prototyping. Again, this went through many iterations before the client decided on this logo. This was the white version; we also did a black version to put on light backgrounds. The Logo has an energetic feel to it and the text itself creates the shape of a trainer. A lot of thought went into to the colour scheme and shape of this logo.

Floating Ropes Logo

The brief for this project was to create a logo out of rope, that had a relaxed floating feeling. This is the first time that we had used vector brushes to create a logo. The red to signify emergency which this business trains people for. Even the font has a floating rope vibe. We learned a lot of new techniques in creating this project.

How we will design your Graphics.

After contacting us. We will email you a design brief. The more information you can put on this the better. This will reduce the research period and assist in getting the design process off to a flying start. As the research progresses. We will be in touch with you on a regular basis, to make certain that the project is on the right track. Once all the ideas have been assembled. Such as your colour scheme and the initial design of your Graphics. We then continue to redesign your Graphics until you are happy with them.

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