Go Pro test

Ok, ok ,I know, I have not been Blogging a lot lately, but I’ve been busy. I seem to of at last picked up some paid work, yay. But I will talk about that in another post. I have just bought a Go Pro Hero 3 Black, due to them going cheap with the 3+ coming out, I’ve had a little time to play with it and I’m very impressed with the picture quality, but I’m not impressed with the battery life, which stops you using the WiFi, as it will just kill the battery. The app on the phone is ok, but it does not preview when the camera is set to use Protune, so that’s a bit of a pain. But the greatest problem I have had with it is the lens misting up. I am not quite sure why mine is misting up while people I am with are having no problems with their Go Pro’s, the only difference is that I am using Protune and they are not, so whether this makes the camera heat up more I do not know, perhaps someone can answer this question in the comments below. I have tried the Go Pro Anti Fog inserts and they don’t seem to work either. So I shall try it with out Protune off and see if that makes a difference. I made a little test film, to see what the different frame rates and resolutions looked like and here it is.