First Paid Job.

I was asked by a new company to create a logo for them. The brief was it was to be similar to many open source logos, as the company will be working to install Linux onto company computer networks and to have a slight retro look, with colors that were professional but not to clinical. So to start off with I researched open source logos, followed by a few rough sketches and then finally some very rough ideas done in Photoshop, which I then sent to the client for feedback.

They said they liked the colors and the font, but they were not sure about the button with the 3 on it and the layout of the logo. So I took the elements they liked and turned it into something a little different. I experimented with the Cinema 4D plugin that comes with After Effects and then finished the Logo off in Photoshop. This has opened up whole load of new possibilities for me and luckily the client liked this final Logo and has given me some more work, so hopefully this is the start of something for me. This is what I came up with.