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Been a long time.

I haven’t posted for a long time, reason being, that I was plaiged by Robots. Yes my lonely Blog was not being viewed by anyone except other machines. this was a little dishartning. But I have now come to the conclusion, Sod em and hopefully I may get some proper readers one day.     

First Paid Job.

logo ideas 02

I was asked by a new company to create a logo for them. The brief was it was to be similar to many open source logos, as the company will be working to install Linux onto company computer networks and to have a slight retro look, with colors that were professional but not to clinical. …

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Go Pro test

Ok, ok ,I know, I have not been Blogging a lot lately, but I’ve been busy. I seem to of at last picked up some paid work, yay. But I will talk about that in another post. I have just bought a Go Pro Hero 3 Black, due to them going cheap with the 3+ …

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More B & W HDR images.

manc a HDR2 copy

Here are some HDR images, This time outside, I love how it nearly gives the photo’s a 3D effect and makes what would other wise be a flat image more dramatic. Again these were taken in Manchester at the Town Hall. They were taken on automatic bracketing and put together in Photoshop.